“evdev-right-click-emulation” is a smashing useful tool for Linux tablet users

If you've ever tried GNU/Linux on tablet devices, you might have noticed that you can't do right click with a touchscreen.

Gnome 3 seems trying to solve this problem, but it's still incomplete. Hacky script like emulating right click with key combination may work as a workaround, but it's a too awkward way compared to those of Android or Windows.

I believed this should a design problem of X or something and too hard to fix... Until meet this tiny program.

evdev-right-click-emulation by Peter Cai have successfully (almost) solved that problem with simpler way; read devices directly and detect long tap.

Though this mean might not a kind of entering at the front door and possibly cause unexpected errors, it is certain that evdev-right-click-emulation drastically improves UX of GNU/Linux on tablet devices.

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